Crucial online marketing tools we must have

In order to run business effectively we need tools to automate almost things. That is the reason why you still earn money while sleeping. So we have four tools required:

  1. A website.
  2. An autoresponder.
  3. Link tracking software.
  4. Link cloaking software.

1. Our own website

We are providers so we need somewhere to put the information which is our website. Moreover:

  • Branding and visibility.
  • Website traffic.
  • Interact with visitors.

We get to know visitor’s name and email address, grabbing business from her, surveying her to find out what she really wants. Nowaday, there are a lot of websites on the internet. The website is like our own face to communicate with the world.

2. Autoresponder

This is the most important tool we must have and it needs a website as well. We can’t stay 24/24 with our website to listen to customers. We need a tool in order to respond to the visitors instantly. It might be a welcome letter to visitors after they registered membership. Imagine the situations we would respond to the customers and prepare for it, automating it. Our works would be more effective.

3. Link-tracking software

Every single link in our website should be tracked. We want to know where the traffic comes from. Why? So that we can setup a proper strategy. This is the measurement. An AI tool would be even better.

4. Link-cloaking software

This tool help us to make a short link. It involves the manipulation of a URL from its original form into a different URL but the same destination. A TinyURL for example:

We might have a long link like this:

After we made it short:

It’d be more friendly to the customers, a nice link. We might send an e-mail to our customers – subscribers with a long link above. Unluckily, the customers copy and paste it to share with other friends but they lost some important parameters which is the evidence for your commission. So we loose the commission in this case. One more reason, they might be lazy for copying the long link like that.

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