What is Internet Marketing?

There are two core business models: the direct proprietor (product owner) and the third party proprietor (affiliate marketer). It’d be easy to go into business online as affiliates first. Because we don’t have to own product so we have less concerns. We earn commissions selling someone else’s product via referral to the merchant’s sales page. So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

It is based on the idea of revenue sharing. We earn a commission via an affiliate link whenever the visitor sent through his link purchases the referred product. That is a special URL that uniquely identifies you as an affiliate. Affiliate links redirect the visitor to the page on the merchant’s site while simultaneously setting a tracking cookie that contains your affiliate information.

Look at this link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0804137501/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0804137501&linkCode=as2&tag=willnguyen-20&linkId=a9435f56de44a2680c0e6e21237f24bb

Above link contains the author’s id “willnguyen” and some other information about the product. If someone clicks on this link and buy this product, willnguyen would earn the money.

Let’s see this product after clicking on above link.

Internet is a vast information highway. There are a lot of people go online searching for any kinds of information such as products, advices, solutions etc. If we have something to solve their problems so that would be perfect. They are willing to pay for our services or products. There are many other reasons such as Laziness, Urgency, Perceived value, Passion etc. So Information is the key. If we want to earn money on the internet, we must become an information provider.

We can clarify the informations that people tend to search for online. That might be a solution or an answer to a their problem

  • How to loose weight?
  • How to program?
  • How to make money?
  • How to get girlfriend?

Many other questions we can find. In order to succeed, we must deliver the true value. So don’t treat ourselves as a salesperson. But treat ourselves as an information provider, or middleman who brings informations and solutions to customers, helping them to solve their problem. We focus on helping people like that, delivering our values so we can’t fail.

Act as provider

We must do the following to connect with that potential customer:

  • Setting up a clear landing page with valuable information offer to attract customers.
  • Having subscription mechanism to keep in touch with customers.
  • Take care, provide more information to help our customer make decision.

That’s it. Attracting customers, take care them and provide solutions. We bring the right things to people who need.